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Biometric Identity Verification

We want to ensure that all users on APPII are who they say they are. For this, we can verify a user biometrically. It is really simple. A quick selfie and a photo of a passport or drivers licence. The images are compared and we can verify your identity.

Simple workflow guiding the user on the checks required.

All the checks are provided to the user via the APPII mobile App. Each check can be completed independently with common data reused across the checks to increase the speed in which the checks are completed.

Biometric Identity Verification
Data & Information

Putting users back in control of their personal data and information

We provide complete control of the APPII users data and information to them. In doing so, the time for receiving verified user information is significantly reduced.


Completing checks and verifying data is very simple using the APPII mobile App, and, once verified, can be used again and again.


APPII is integrated with many trusted data verification partners such as GBG Plc and EMIS Health Plc.


The APPII platform has been using Blockchain Technology since 2016 to ensure that data is held securely.

APPII Organisations
Putting trust in APPII

Organistions trusting APPII to verify their employees & their customers

We are very proud to support so many organisations.