APPII is an online verification, career management, and recruitment platform.

Verification. Simplified.

Finding a dream role with your dream employer should be quick and easy. Equally, finding top talent should be quick and inexpensive. However, it is challenging, time consuming, and costly finding top talent, and the recruitment process is often frustrating for candidates and employers.

We believe that having the credentials of an individuals CV verified by educators or accreditors and former employers is of enormous benefit. Also, providing unbounded access to candidates or open roles reduces the time to find talent and employers, significantly reducing hiring costs, and increasing productivity.

Blockchain in the Recruitment Sector

Blockchain technology is a powerful change agent for broker based industries. We only need to look at the fervor in which the Financial Services sector is being disrupted by Fintech start-ups applying blockchain to bring greater value to banking customers.

Likewise, Blockchain technology can be put to great use in the recruitment sector. The recruitment sector after all is a broker industry. The technology can assist in expediting commodity processes undertaken by intermediaries unlocking valuable capital to be put to better use by employers in growing or optimising their businesses.

In APPIIs case, the broker role currently undertaken by 3rd party verification companies is superseded by the blockchain technology and network. The technology makes the process immeasurably faster and, at the same time, ultra-trustworthy.

The blockchain technology ensures that the verification activity only happens once and is stored securely and permanently for any person or organisation that wishes to view it. The technology also eradicates double handling and processing by multiple verification providers.

The History of APPII

APPII was founded in March 2016 by Gary McKay, Brian McNulty and Adi Ben-Ari. Gary, Brian, and Adi had all been involved with blockchain in one shape or form when they met to discuss how the new technology could revolutionise how individuals verify the assertions on their CVs.

We asked ourselves - could we drive a fundamental change and bigger benefit to candidates and the staffing and resourcing sector? We imagined a world where an individual’s day dreams about a job, a career, a lifestyle, or finances are brought closer to them because their career history and achievements had been verified. Adi started building a prototype, proving how easy and effective it is to verify individual awards, qualification and work experiences on the blockchain. Brian and Gary mapped out how to drive a material shift in the process and business model.

APPII was born… APPII is latin for farsighted. We want to help make people and organisations maximise future possibilities, no exceptions.

Meet the team behind APPII.

Gary McKay

Co-Founder & MD

Adi Ben-Ari

Co-Founder & CTO

Simon Dolan

Investor & Adviser

Mike Hughes

Lead Software Engineer

Katerina Zabrovskaya

Project Manager

Anthony Sherick


Brian McNulty


Roenna Connolly

Senior Tester and Analyst