Build a verified CV on the Blockchain

Build a Blockchain Verified CV

If you are looking for a job or a contract, you can now build a verified CV to catalogue your career history and your identity. Use our amazing free CV builder and get verified using our blockchain technology. It won’t take long at all and will enhance your chances of getting a job.

What are the benefits of a Verified CV?

  • A faster hiring process for candidates
  • Stand out from other jobseekers
  • Your CV will be viewed as authentic and trustworthy by employers
  • Get verified once and you can use this for the rest of your career
  • All verifications stored securely on the Blockchain
  • Further platform features includes biometric scanning and QR codes

What is a Verified CV?

During the hiring process or after a job offer, employers will often ask for references to validate what you say on your CV is correct. This can be time consuming and delay the hiring cycle. A Verified CV is a CV that has been authenticated at the beginning of your job search.

What can be validated?

  • Education
  • Training and Certifications
  • Work Experience
  • Identity via Biometric Scanning

How do I build a Verified CV?

  1. Register an account on APPII
  2. Download the APP
  3. Biometrically scan yourself to validate identity on the APP (takes 5 minutes)
  4. Create your CV on your desktop and request verifications
  5. Verifications will be received and notified on your app for validation
  6. Export your CV to apply for jobs!

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