Pre Employment Checks FAQs

All of the pre-employment checks are completed using the APPII mobile App. Download the APPII mobile App and you will see the checks you need to complete in the "My Checks" tile on the App.
APPII needs to protect its members from individuals looking to hijack profiles and act falsely on behalf of someone else. APPII has incorporated a few verification steps into its mobile app that uses your mobile camera to take a selfie, and then compares that selfie with a photo from your photographic ID to protect your profile from being hijacked.
You will receive confirmation of your verification request on your APPII mobile app. Once you confirm that request it will be placed in a queue within the Organisations APPII account awaiting for verification.
APPII is endeavoring to have all educators and employers on APPII as soon as possible. In the meantime, if your educator or employer in not on APPII let us know and we'll look to have them onboarded as quickly as we can.
You are in complete control of your profile and its visibility to others on the Platform. Your profile is not visible to anyone if you haven't biometrically identified yourself. Once biometrically identified you can set your profile visibility within the privacy settings.
Check your Trash or Junk email, sometimes your APPII confirmation email can find its way there.
Please book a demo. We would like to talk with you about your plans and how APPII can help.
APPII is free to join as a verification partner or employer in return for agreeing to verify qualifications and work history, which is something that educators and employers already do. When you start to use some of the other features of APPII such as posting job vacancies and requesting access to candidate CVs there will be a cost but this will be substantially less than what is charged by traditional recruitment agencies.
Verification requests are listed in your APPII account. Where there is a relatively low number of requests these will normally be handled manually on APPII and larger volumes of verification requests will be automated through technical integration.
The main difference between APPII and Linkedin is that the assertions that people put on their CVs / Intelligent Profiles on APPII can be fully verified and this is not the case on LinkedIn. APPII will also be able to automatically match qualifications against job roles. Employers and hiring managers are able to search for candidates whose CVs have been verified and APPII can also match candidates to any open roles that employers have or spaces on educator courses.
No. APPII will have no access to company or employee data. Employees will only join APPII by choosing to subscribe individually.

Health Pass FAQs

You can seek verification of your Covid-19 test in the "My Health" section of the App.
Not at the moment. We are able to verify your Covid-19 test results in one of the participating test centres and pharmacies
Make sure that you have biometrically verified your identity. This can be completed by choosing "My Verifications" from the front screen, and then "Biometric Identity Verification". Follow the on screen instructions to verify your identity.
Go to "My Health" and then click on Test Results. You should see any test results in there.