We verify your credentials so potential employers don't have to. Here's how...

Use verified credentials from your base profile to create an amazing CV.

Create a personalised profile to showcase your verified achievements, qualifications, experience and aspirations. Then create multiple CVs using your verified credentials and our amazing CV builder.

We will verify your details with your chosen educational institutions and employers.

Using blockchain technology to enable the verification of CV credentials by educators and employers, and match those verified CV details to job requirements.

  • Easy access for employers
  • Ultratrustworthy blockchain verification
  • Verified Profile Details
  • Multiple CVs
  • Secure biometric verification
  • Personal QR Code
  • 100s of leading employers and institutions

Verified? Get your supercharged CV in front of employers.

Your verified details are used to create as many amazing CVs as you want. The CV builder sychronises all of your base profile information into standard methods of presenting your CV. There are multiple templates and formats that can be used, each of which is specific to your circumstances, increasing your employability with minimal effort.


Reasons to start using APPII.

Finding a dream role at a dream employer should be quick and easy. Equally, finding top talent should be simple and inexpensive. However, it is challenging, time consuming, and costly finding that dream role.

Having the assertions on a CV verified by educators, accreditors, and employers will increase employability and make an enormous difference to the recruitment process.

Ready to get started?

Why get your CV verified?

Fully verified achievements, qualifications, experience and aspirations will save potential employers valuable time and money, speeding up the recruitment process.

A verified CV, constructed using cutting-edge technology, will enhance an individuals profile providing them with a great first impression with prospective employers.

Put simply, the verified CV increases candidate employability while separating individuals from the competition who are using older, more time-consuming traditional CVs.

Biometric Identification

Most online platforms trust that you are who you say you are using basic identity verification such as sending an email to a specified address or sending a code to a mobile phone number. However, neither method actually proves that you are who you say you are.

At APPII we believe it imperative that you prove your identity by submitting a selfie and identity document so that we can be more rigorous on ensuring that your profile is actually yours. Also, APPII members will be verifying your credentials on behalf of organisations. We want to ensure organisations that those acting on their behalf are genuine.