Health Passport

Your verified health status in a simple, trusted & secure Digital Health Pass.

Quickly and securely verify your Covid-19 tests and present the verified results to employers and other organisations with APPIIs digital health pass.

Digital Health Pass Features

Overcoming the need to carry paper certificates. Quickly and simply proving Covid test results and vaccinations.

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Organisations only need a one click scan of a QR code to see a users verified health status


Verified health & personal data via trusted partners LloydsPharmacy, EMIS Health & GBG

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All users are biometrically verified via the App and in complete control of their own personal data

Health Pass - Home

How does the Digital Health Pass work?

Verify your identity

Verify your identity by taking a selfie and a photo of photo ID. We compare the images and data to verify your ID.

Take a Covid-19 Test

Schedule a test at one of our 1500 participating centres. The results, when ready, will be provided straight into the APPII App.

Receive verified results

Your results are verified by a certified body. You will receive notification of your results and a certificate to your App that can be shown to your employer or organisations.

Covid 19 Test – Verification Process

Specify the type of test, take the test at a nominated centre, receive the test results, display your QR code to an employer or organisation.

There are many partners involved in delivering the Health Pass

The Digital Health Pass requires inputs from several organisations – Healthcare Providers, Pharmacies, Medical Testing labs, Data Verification Providers and Software Integrators

Covid 19 Scan - Scanning Process